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The ISO-9000 Series of Standards evolved by the International Standards Organisation has been accepted worldwide as the norm assuring high quality of goods. The ISO-9000 is also the hallmark of a good quality- oriented system for suppliers and manufacturers. It identifies the basic principles underlying quality, and specifies the procedures and criteria to be followed to ensure that what leaves the manufacturer / supplier's premises fully meets the customers requirements. The ISO-9000 series of standards are basically quality assurance standards and not product standards.ISO-9000 spells out how a company can establish, document and maintain an effective and economic quality control system which will demonstrate to the customer that the company is committed to quality. The series of Standards aims the following:

Increased customer confidence in the company
Shift from a system of inspection, to one of quality management
Removing the need for multiple assessments of suppliers
Gaining management commitment
Linking quality to cost-effectiveness
Giving customers what they need

The implementation of ISO-9000 Standards involves:
Management education
Writing quality policy
Nominating a quality representative
Identifying responsibilities
Identifying business processes
Writing a quality manual
Writing procedures
Writing work instructions

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