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Toys inspection

We will check below points during a toys inspection:

1. Security sign:A) security should be marked, labeled easy to read and understand, which not be erased.

B) apply any requirements should be indicated the use of toys minimum age, if toys or packaging No clear and eye-catching mark age group, or mark the age group is not appropriate toys should comply with the standard.The most strict requirements in corresponding.

C) small parts and contain the small part of toys. Toys or their packaging should have similar warning: "warning! Contains Small parts, and is not suitable for children under 3 years old and use.

D) for adult assembly toys, such as in the assembly of the sharp edge and former contain tips, or for three years old of the following son Children's toys contain small parts used, they must be in the assembly instructions the risks and warning warning.Toy just allow adult assembly.

2. torque test: if a component can be thumb and forefinger knead, gradually exerts a torqu in a clockwise direction 5 seconds, From the start: a) until the position had turned 180 degrees. Or b) reach 0.34 m cattle torque. To maintain the torque.Or rotation Angle for 10 seconds. Let test components back to relax state, counterclockwise repeat the test.

3. If the toy or incidental parts can need not pressure through the small parts of cylindrical, is considered to be the small parts.The requirements of small parts of the goal is to reduce the small parts (small toys or small accessories) to children by inhalation and taken.The risk of suffocation.

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