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Packaging or Packing

While packaging or packing, quality should not be compromised merely to cut down costs, packaging should also be in conformity with the instructions issued by the importer. Packing refers to the external containers used for transportation . The shape of packing cases play a very important role in packing the cargo, and the nature of packing material to be used will depend upon the items exported As regard specification for the size, weight and strength care must be taken to ensure that the weight of standard case does not exceed 50 Kg. for easy handling of the cargo. Before packing and sealing the goods, it should be ensured that all the contents are properly placed in the case and the list of contents of packing notes should be prepared so that the buyer, the Customs authorities and the Insurance authorities can easily check the contents of each and every case.

The consolidated statement of contents for a number of case is called the Packing List, which should be prepared in the prescribed standardised format.


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