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Shipping mark

Shipping mark means to mark the address, number of packages etc. on the packets. It is essential for identification purpose and should provide information on exporters' mark, port of destination, place of destination, order number and date, gross, net and tare weight and handling instructions. It should also be ensured that while putting marks, the law of buyer's country is duly compiled with.

All shipping cartons should be marked a number with special symbols selected by the exporters or the importers, so that the competitors cannot find out the details of the customers and the country of destination or supplier's country of despatch. Care should also be taken to ensure that the marking conforms to those written in the invoice, insurance certificate, bill of lading and other documents. The International Cargo Handling Co-ordination, Association has set out for the use of exporters a number of recommendations for the marking of goods carried by ocean-going vessels. They are equally useful for sending goods by other modes of transportation.

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