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Furniture inspection on-site special checks

Furniture is a category of its own when it comes to doing an inspection.The furniture inspection on-site special checks as below,

1.Carton Drop Test – The carton drop test is an important part of any inspection, depending on the shipping method.
2. Coating Thickness Check – Use a coating thickness checker to inspect and verify the thickness of any paints or coatings against the approved standards.
3. Static Load Test – In this test a specified weight is applied to the item and left for a certain amount of time (usually 30 – 60min).
4. Load Impact Test – Here a load of specific weight is dropped from a specified height onto the item, and repeated several times.
5. Levelness Check – Ensure item is on a perfectly flat surface, then check the levelness with a digital or analog level.
6. Stability Check – Load the item with the specified load weight in a way that is most like to cause it to tip or destruct.
7. Incline Stability Check – Incline the item to 15 degrees in a manner which is most likely to cause it to tip or destruct.
8. Resistance to Hot Water – Pour boiling water over any area of the item that may occasionally come in contact with liquids during use and check for any deformation.
9. Rub Check – Rub aggressively on all areas with a wet cotton cloth. Check for any discoloration or color left on the cloth.
10. Moisture Content Check – Check any wood parts for moisture with the proper test device. The ideal moisture content for most indoor wood furniture is 8%. For outdoor furniture this is considerably higher (10-14%).
11. Screw Strip Test – Check any screws with a power screw driver at medium power for easy stripping.

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