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The added value of During Production Inspection

This inspection shall be performed at the stage of production when 20% of the ordered quantity covering all colors and sizes are ready and these are checked for measurement and workmanship.

During the During production inspection we check product appearance (AQL), workmanship, size, weight, function, accessories, labelling & logos. We also check the packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements depending on the product and the export market. The During Production Inspection (DUPRO) will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products and the planning of production. A fully detailed inspection report with pictures and comments is sent to you after completing the inspection. That will able you to Accept or Reject your shipment.

The added value of During Production Inspection is that while we mediate in the middle of the production process, we check if the quality of your products reaches your standards and we make a statement of your production schedule. We also inspect the actual production volume to avoid any delays in your final shipment. At this stage, you can still modify the production protocol and still be on time with your order in case of problems.

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