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Questions to ask your China inspection company

You can find many 3rd party quality inspection companies on-line. And as with any industry there’s some companies where you get what you pay for, and some that just don’t make the cut.  So, if you’re about to book an inspection, factory audit, or other quality inspection services with a 3rd China inspection company here are the questions you should ask first:

1.  How many full-time inspectors does the company have working for it?
2.  How many offices does the company operate and in what locations?
3.  Does the company employ its own inspectors that are full-time employees, or does it sub-contract inspections out to local freelance workers – this is a very important point, companies that use their own in-house inspectors have a much higher level of integrity and generally higher level of service
4.  Has the company every inspected the type of merchandise you are sourcing and can they provide examples of defects they have found in the past with this type of product?
5.  If the inspection passes, but the goods that arrive to you have obvious quality defects, will the quality inspection company take any responsiblity or compensate you in any way?
6.  How soon after the inspection can you receive the result?
7.  If there are problems with the goods found during the inspection in what way can the quality inspection company assist you?

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