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What tools do inspectors carry

Clients are often asking what tools do inspectors carry, and sometimes expect them to carry very specific pieces. The truth is most inspectors carry a limited
number of tools and China inspections companies rely on as the factory to supply many larger or more obscure tools or testing devices in order to do our jobs. See
below for a breakdown of what is carried by whom:
Inspectors always carry: Laptop, Camera, Pantone book, Barcode scanner, Thickness meter, Measuring ruler, Sealing tape.
Inspectors may carry if needed: Humidity meter, Tensile gauge, Multi-meter, Calipers.
Tools that inspectors do not carry and factories should have for usage: Power meter, Hi-pot tester, Grounding continuity tester, Sound meter, Speed meter,
Torque, Accuracy tester, Signal generator, etc.

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