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How to check the production status in a factory

One of the purposes of quality inspection is to check the production status. You want to confirm product quality, but also make sure the manufacturer is not behind schedule. How to check the prouction status in a factory? The following points can be checked:

Is the factory aware of the client’s specifications?
Check if the factory has full technical specifications from the client.
Check if the factory has a reference sample approved by the client.
Check if there is any open issue not clarified between the factory and the client.
Capacity allotted and key milestones
Check how many lines are working on these products.
Check how many workers per line, and total number of workers on these products.
Check the date of arrival of materials / components.
Check the date of beginning of bulk production.
Check the total production quantity per day.
Check factory-estimated date of total quantity completion.
Check factory-estimated date of shipment.
Check factory-estimated shipment quantity.

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