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How to choose your requested quality level

While filling your inspection request form, you will have to choose the inspection level you want us to use to conduct your inspection. How to choose your requested quality level? This information will help us to define the sampling size we are going to check. There are seven different inspection levels (three general inspection levels, and 4 special inspection levels), and each one must be used in a specific situation and will define a different sampling size.

Usually special level (S1, S2, S3 and S4) are used in case of small sampling size, or when the risk taken can be low. Examples for those inspection levels are destructive, expensive or time consuming inspection or in case of repetitive process industry (screw, stamping, welding, etc...).

Choosing the inspection level can have some wide consequences on the inspection and many elements must be taken in consideration, such as:
The production process knowledge
The technical properties of the goods to inspect
The buyer risk
The supplier risk
The cost of the test, in terms of time, money and product destruction
The defects characteristics: what is minor, major and critical defect.

General inspection level II is mostly used as reference inspection level, and we'll use it here as a "default inspection level". You'll be able to modify this and to choose a more adapted option by filling in the inspection request form.

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