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Omnitech Inspection Services

Omnitech Inspection Services is a professional 3rd party China inspection company, offering Pre-shipment inspections, During Production Inspections, Factory Audit and custom inspection services in China.

Cusotmized quality inspection service in China for US$250 up and conduct the inspection within 7 workdays.

One time free inspection for you experiencing our inspectin services and evaluating our value before you deceide your China inspection company.

Extra Free Fax/Email confirmation services to help you following up the reworking the shipment with minor defective.

Inspection Services - Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection is performed prior to the shipment of the finished product and includes a sampling inspection.

Pre-shipment Inspection improve supply chain reliability, eliminate problems before product shipment, reduce the risk of receiving defective products.With a detailed inspection report in your hands, you can then make the critical decisions regarding shipment of your goods.

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Inspection Services - During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection is performed when at least 20% of the order has been completed.

During production Inspection guarantee uniformity of the actual production and specification.With this service you can control the quality and monitoring production progress and push suppliers to finish order on Time. Helps you identify and fix issues early in the manufacturing cycle.

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Inspection Services - Factory Audit

Factory Audit is imperative before place your order to a new supplier.

Factory Audit enables you to select a qualified supplier with greater confidence. Through Factory Audit, you will have a true and thorough understanding of your supplier's profile, capabilities, systems, management and operating procedures.

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